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Book Number 42
Testament New
Number of Chapters 24
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Literary Genre Gospel
References Used Bibliography: Luke

Luke, obviously the third gospel of the New Testament, is traditionally thought to have been written by the doctor Luke who accompanied Paul on some of his missionary journeys, prorbably written in either the 60's or between 70 and 80 CE depending on the theories used. Luke is a very well written gospel, with good Greek grammar and literary merit. In much scholarship on Luke for the last hundred years, people have been drawing parallels between the Gospel of Luke and Acts, thinking that they are volume one and volume two of the history of the Church, both written by the same person. Some of those theories have now been called into question, but it is still a useful description.

Luke appears to rely heavily on The Gospel of Mark, as well as match in other areas with The Gospel of Matthew. There are few similarities between Luke and John.

Some of the particular emphasis of Luke involve prayer, especially of Jesus, and the working of God through Jesus. This matches well with the Acts emphasis on God at work through everyone else through the Holy Spirit. For Luke, this is the beginning of grand movement of God changing this world.

Other areas of emphasis in Luke are praise, with several songs and explamations of praise, and an interest in the Gentiles. Luke traces the geneology of Jesus back to Adam instead of a particular Jewish ancestor, uses few OT quotations, and uses the term "master" more than the Jewish "rabbi" to describe Jesus. Luke also shows interest in the Gentiles by paying particular attention to Jesus encounters with the outcasts, including Samaritans, women, the poor and the outcast.

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