Joshua: Promises Fulfilled

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Joshua: Promises Fulfilled
Author(s) Scott Reynolds
Audience Adults
Setting Sunday School
Occasion General
Length of Series 7

A Brief Description of the Curriculum

A Biblical study of the book of Joshua.

Series Information/Overview

This is a minimalist study, trying to focus attention on the Bible itself instead of on secondary works. The materials here are purposefully designed to be simple and keep the focus on the Bible, merely providing organization, some key points and discussion ideas to help both understand the Bible and bridge what the Bible says to our lives today.

Some additional information/interpretation of the chapters can be found in the commentary on Joshua as well.

General purpose files needed for the Curriculum

Lesson 1: Spies Enter the Land

  • Bible Passage Used: Joshua 1-2:
  • Topic(s): Faith, Spies
  • Depending on your audience's understanding of the history of Israel up until this point an additional lesson might be needed before this one to catch people up to this point so that they can understand why the conquest was so important to the Israelites.
  • Files for this Lesson

Lesson 2: Crossing the Jordan River

Lesson 3: Taking the Promised Land

  • Bible Passage Used: Joshua 5-7:
  • Topic(s): Sin, Fear, First Fruits
  • The taking of Jericho is probably the most famous event from the book of Joshua, but little attention is usually paid to what happens afterwards. Make sure to spend some time on the events afterwards and not just the taking of the city.
  • Files for this Lesson

Lesson 4: The Sacking of Ai

Lesson 5: Sucess and Pride

  • Bible Passage Used: Joshua 9-10:
  • Topic(s): Pride, prayer
  • No one is immune to pride, and everyone likes their ego boosted but sometimes it has consequences and takes away from God's plan fur us.
  • Files for this Lesson

Lesson 6: Conquests Continue

  • Bible Passage Used: Joshua 10-11:
  • Topic(s): Conquest
  • With the coalition of cities defeated the way opens of Joshua to press on and continue to conquest that was promised to Israel.
  • Files for this Lesson

Lesson 7: Dividing the Land