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Book Number 6
Testament Old
Number of Chapters 24
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Literary Genre History
References Used Bibliography: Joshua

The book of Joshua records the conquest of the promised land by the people of Israel. It is generally divided into two major sections: chapters 1-12 which detail the conquest of the land, and chapters 13-21 which focus on dividing the conquered lands among the tribes of Israel. Joshua serves as a record of God fulfilling His promise to the Israelites that they would eventually hold the promised land, even though the conquest was not completed within Joshua’s lifetime.

The book in general is a very contentious issue among believers. Many scholars today see the book as a compilation of various local stories of conquest by the different tribes which were only fused together centuries later after the time of David. Other, more conservative, scholars see the book as being a record of the conquests of the various tribes all under the direction of Joshua which were joined together soon after Joshua’s death as a chronicle of what God had done for the Israelites.

The problems of Joshua increase because some of the land given to different tribes were never lands that we know they actually held. Instead, it seems that the divisions of land was an ideal distribution based on the people’s faith of what land they would eventually get and not a distribution of land they currently held. The material is also not put in chronologically order, as lands mentioned already under Israelites control in one section are described as being conquered in a later passage.

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Chapters With Commentary

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