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These puppet scripts were used at First Baptist Church, Newport, Oregon and were written by Pastor Glenn Small. They were for “Super Church,” a time many congregations would call children's church. Each script attempts to help teach the point of that Sunday's lesson.

The scene is the fictitious small town of Jordan River in Canaan County. Jordan River is a small town in an undescribed location. The puppets play from behind a fence, a window in the 'bus station', a window in the 'post office' and/or a window in one of the characters homes.

Each puppeteer has chosen at least one puppet and stays with that puppet with the intent of a consistent character. (voice, mannerisms etc.) The scripts are written so each character is only performing once or twice a month.



  • Jason: The children's church leader.
  • Lou the letter carrier- a slightly silly, fun loving carrier who delivers letters from missionaries and assorted Christmas cards
  • Chief Fahrenheit the Jordan River fire chief. He's a real by the book fire chief.
  • The shadow. A mysterious figure that no one in the town seems to be able to see. He snitches music while Jason isn't looking and such.


  • Abby: Abigail Barbara Emerson, smart outgoing girl, new to Jordan River.
  • Fin: Abby's best friend, mischievous boy, his real name if Maynard, but only Abby calls him Finn)
  • Mr. Emerson: Abby's dad, post master of Canaan Country. Gives good, godly advice.
  • Cappy: Adult puppet, bus station manager, life long resident of Canaan County.
  • Slick Eddy: Traveling salesman, tries to buy and/or trade for salvation
  • Pat: Town handiman
  • Berttie: Girl puppet (Beatrice) timid and shy, easily frightened.
  • Mrs. Applebloom: AKA; Mrs. Crabapple, the town busybody, considers herself an expert on most subjects.
  • Morton the pig: He's a pig! slightly rude, always hungry.
  • Moira the pig: No relation to Morton. A pig with an attitude.

Scripts of this Series:

A Gift Just for YouMagiThis sets up telling the story of the magi coming to baby Jesus, and that gifts are for good and for free.Matthew 21-12
A Perfect Place to LiveEdenTwo characters talk about how wonderful where they live in, and how great Eden was. It is designed merely to prepare for the story of Eden to be told.Genesis 28-10
Back to my HometownThe Bethlehem CandleA traveler has to go home to pay taxes, which sets up for an introduction of May and Joseph's story.Luke 21-5
Christmas CardsThe Prophet's Candle
Two people talk about how the prophets told us Jesus would come way before he was ever born, setting up a discussion on Advent and prophecy.Malachi 31-4
First Things FirstFaithfulnessThis script briefly describes the story of Enoch in a lighter, more modern, setting.Genesis 521-32
Let's Go SeeThe Shepherd's CandleTwo puppets talk about how if we want something we go for find it, not just sit.Luke 215-17
Puppets:Did Somebody Say LunchFeeding the 5000Some characters discuss food and how food can't be spread further than it was intended for.Luke 910-14
The Animal's CandleThe Angel's CandleThis skit provides a vehicle for explaining advent and the angel's candle.
There's a Storm ComingCalming a stormSome characters learn that they can calm a verbal storm, paving the way for Jesus to calm a real one.Matthew 823-27
What's all the NoiseHealing of the ParalyticThis is a skit purely to introduce the story of Jesus' healing of a paralytic. It does not tell the story, but prepares the way.Mark 21-12
Where Can I Buy One of ThoseMiraclesA character tries to buy a miracle and learns they are special from God.John 51-15