Jehovah - Rophe, Healer

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Jehovah - Rophe, Healer
Text: John 5:1-15
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Healing
Author: Dick Emery


God wants to be the healer of every aspect of your life.

How to Get There

  • This message also relied heavily upon Exodus 15:22-27.
  • The Israelites were in trouble in the desert, and were getting sick from how bitter their only water was.
  • God provided for them, and revealed himself as their healer.
  • We too have been saved, but the full paradise is still to come. Right now, we're in an in between phase where much of life is like that spring, bitter and difficult.
  • And bitter times can either make us bitter or better. Pain can be a path to God, or it can discourage us and wear us down.
  • We need God to step in and heal our hearts. This healing can come in a lot of ways, not just physical. Sometimes God needs heal our minds or our emotions from something that is paralyzing our faith.
  • The paralytic in John had been paralyzed for years. Jesus asked him if he wanted to be healed because often our disability becomes our identity.
  • We make excuses for what is holding us back, we like it and don't really want to change.
  • But this man was healed not just physically, but also healed from the paralysis of the mind, from his hopelessness and excuses.
  • God wants to heal us from everything that keeps us from Him. But we have to be willing to let God heal anything in us, we have to want to be healed.

Things to Watch For

This can easily become just about physical healing or leave the impression that God always heals anything we want healed. We know that doesn't happen. But often a physical ailment can lead us to God, and God is most concerned with our relationship with Him being strong.

Jesus' wording in this passage also leaves open the possibility that the man's sins caused his paralysis. This needs to be considered in making the sermon, whether it will be dealt with, or avoided.

Examples really help this out. There are dozens of people who have suffered major injury, and God has not healed them physically but healed them emotionally. Often that is a greater and more difficult healing than just the healing of the body.

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