Jehovah - Jireh, Provider

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Jehovah - Jireh, Provider
Text: Genesis 22:1-14
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Provision
Author: Dick Emery


God wants to be who we turn to for our provision in life.

How to Get There

  • There are numerous verses than can be used in this message, but it focuses on the story of Abraham.
  • Abraham had been promised that all the nations would be blessed through him.
  • But they were getting old and they tried to take over for God, help God along by having kids with other people Genesis 16:1-4.
  • We will never know God as provider if we insist on trying to guaranteeing the future our way, through our own efforts and to our own ends.
  • Abraham and Sarah tried to get to God's future by their own ends. It only hurt the situation and led them farther away from God and God's plan.
  • Genesis 20:1-11. Abraham often did this sort of thing, not trusting God and trying to protect himself by lying and giving away his own wife.
  • Fear controlled Abraham in both cases, and he didn't trust God to be the provider.
  • Abraham's thoughts were consumed with protecting what he had and he didn't have room to trust on God's provision.
  • We are like this. If we take on all the responsibility for the future and our security, there is no room for God.
  • Genesis 22:1-14 shows that Abraham can trust, though. He trusted in God to make it work, even when he was about to sacrifice what seemed like the fulfillment of God's promise to Him.
  • And in that moment, God provided for him, gave him a ram and a way out of having to sacrifice his son.
  • This shows how we can have God be our provider too. God here asked Abraham to give let go of his hopes and dreams, let go of trying to make everything happen himself, and focus on only one thing, trusting God.
  • To have God be known in us as our provider, we need to release what we have been trying to hang onto and make happen on our own.
  • We cannot be the center of our own lives. Fear takes over, worry and disillusionment take over. But if we release our desires and make God the centre of our world and our lives, everything changes and life is manageable. God will provide.
  • We must realize that we cannot fill our own needs and our own desires and empty ourselves of them, so that God has a place to fill.
  • God has provided, with Jesus. But we need to let go of our attempts to get what God is giving and trust God is working for us.

Things to Watch For

We are a rich nation and usually have meals provided and clothes to wear. It is hard for us to think of Jesus as our provider because we have so much. We usually need some disaster or tragedy to remember that God is truly our provider. The trick, though, is to maintain that desire to have God as our provider.

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