Eucharistic Love Feast

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Eucharistic Love Feast
Topic Communion, Eucharist
Group Size 1-10
Prep Time 20-60 min
Setting Small Group
Age Group Adults
The Point That communion can connect us with God.

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Supplies Needed

Some soft lighting, candles are preferable. Grape Juice, bread, glasses to drink from.

How to Set Up

Set up a room with diffuse lighting and some low tables. Make sure everyone can face each other. Set up some glasses where people wil be. Set up pitchers of grape juice around the table and loaves of bread as well. Do not divide them into seperate pieces.

Before this happens, ask people to think about what communion means to them. Make sure to have a variety of Bible verses and devotional pieces ready yourself to prompt the discussion.

What Happens Then

Before bringing people into the room, talk with them about this being a sacred experience. Explain that communion was originally a group of believers sharing a meal together and talking about what God was doing. That is what this is, having a meal together and talking about God's work.

Once people are settled invite them to read and share what communion means to them. Be ready to start conversations yourself at first. Each time someone says something take some bread and juice. Don't be skimpy, this is a meal. The idea

Here are some sample ideas that can get you started.

  • Community: one bread, we all take it and it makes us one too
  • We are one bread: God has gathered us together and made up one from all over
  • Commonality: we have a lot in common, and no matter what happens, they are still part of our loaf.
  • Historical view: This is the main thing that has drawn Christians together through the ages is this communion, not language or anything else is the same but this.
  • Memorial: Remember what Christ has done
  • Strengthener: We are not merely observers of Christ, but partakers in his life and power, and this is to say that we strong.
  • Salvation: we are made brothers and sisters with Christ, and partakers with him in the life to come.
  • Transformation: We are changed through his body and blood, we are different, we have been a relationship that changes us, we need to live that change, remember it.
  • Celebration: It is through Christ's body that we have cause to celebrate, that we can face this life with joy.
  • Like a wedding, when you give your new spouse cake, Jesus is giving his bride a piece of something to signify the connection and dedication between them.
  • This was originally a Passover meal. The meal used to celebrate the victory over death that the Israelites had. We can also celebrate such a victory through this meal.

The idea is that as people talk about communion and being drawn together, you celebrate that, and celebrate what God is doing now.

Possible Problems

The main problem is that someone might say this goes against tradition, but this is fairly close to ancient Christian practices of communion. Make sure to treat it with respect and honor and most people will recognize that this has meaning. I have never done this with a group that did not leave profoundly impressed with the meaning and relevance of communion.

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