Cousin John, Working for the Kingdom without a King

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Cousin John, Working for the Kingdom without a King
Text: Luke 3:1-6
Occasion: Advent
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Community, Preparation
Author: Edwin Weaver


We prepare the way for Christ to work in those around us through all stages of life.

How to Get There

  • The Jewish people had been waiting for their Messiah for a long time and they just kept waiting. It seemed like God was hiding from them.
  • They had been waiting for so long that they mistook John as the savior, they just wanted him to be their messiah. But John came to prepare the way for God, the same role we have.
  • The parable of the seeds in Luke 8 tells the same story, that the preparation for the message is important to whether anyone finds their Messiah or not. John removes the stones, weeds the field, and waves away the birds.
  • We prepare the way as well, not just before salvation but after. We teach people how to pray, we visit the sick, guide people to easier portions of the Bible.
  • As we bind together as a community we can help weed each other's lives, help each other to grow in ways that we couldn't before by helping prepare God to keep working in each other's lives.
  • We know God is working, even if we can't always see it, and we prepare the way for God to best work in those lives around us.
  • We don't save people, we don't change people, but we can be like John and help God work better. We can protect the seeds that grow in others.

Things to Watch For

John's message is usually casually thought to be about him paving the way and no one else. But John was calling others to pave the way. Again, this becomes in our minds about getting people ready for salvation, but John was speaking to devout Jews. This is about helping God work more fully and be more fully known in every stage of everyone's life.

The most controversial part of this message is the use of Jesus' parable because this message says we need to try and protect all those types of seeds, while Jesus sort of assumes that they die and that's just bad sowing.

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