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Book Number 43
Testament New
Number of Chapters 21
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Literary Genre Gospel
References Used Bibliography: John

The Gospel of John has traditionally been thought to be written by John the disciple between CE 80 and 100 from Ephesus. This was the last of the gospels written and does not rely on many of the same sources that the other three gospels all use. This makes the Gospel of John significantly different than the other three in content and style.

One of the most distinctive elements of this gospel is the lack of parables in Jesus' teachings. John also concentrates a great deal of space on the time immediately surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. As John had the most time to think on what Jesus' life, death, and resurrection meant it is only natural that his Christology is the highest among any of the gospel writers, including the famous “seven I Am's” that Jesus uses, seven times implicitly associating Jesus with the Jewish name of God. John also shows his high opinion of Jesus by associating him with the Greek concept of the “logos” or “word” in his prologue.

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Chapters With Commentary

John 1, John 13, John 14, John 2, John 20, John 3, John 6