Cohort Canonball

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Cohort Canonball
Topic Accountability, Teamwork, self-sacrifice
Group Size 10-40
Prep Time 0-20 min
Setting Outdoors or Gym
Age Group Youth
The Point That they need to be protecting and helping each other in order to stand against the enemy

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Supplies Needed

  • A rope, hose or anything that can establish a clear boundary. Cones will work but less clear. If you use a rope you can shrink the boundaries as people get eliminated.
  • The biggest ball you have. A 3ft diameter blow-up fun ball is great
  • 1 funnoodle per team

How to Set Up

Takes about 10 minutes to get the boundaries and the teams established if you already have the ball, funnoodles and the rope purchased.

What Happens Then

Break them up into teams/cohorts of about 5-10 and establish a leader of the cohort either through team choice or if you have somebody in mind and give the leader the funnoodle. Have everyone be inside the marked boundaries except for you. After explaining the rules stated below, begin the game by trying to hit people with the ball and more and more people are eliminated there will be more people to help hit the people still alive. The rules are:

  • whoever the ball touches within the boundaries is eliminated, regardless of whether it touches the ground or another person first. The only way people still alive can touch, block or move the ball is with the funnoodles or "swords"
  • if someone is eliminated they must vacate to the outside of the boundary and they can then help you eliminate people still alive
  • if the cohort leader is eliminated the whole team is dead automatically
  • the last team to have a cohort leader alive wins

Hopefully they will learn in 2 or 3 rounds that the cohort leader can protect his people and vice versa. It is possible to have almost an entire team win together while other teams are completely eliminated. But let them figure this out on their own and make note of if and how they protect each other, whether or not their leader cares about them, are the leaders willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the team, and how well they think and work as a team.

I would debrief by talking about Ecclesiastes 4-9-12 and how accountability is makes us stronger and more likely to succeed in our spiritual lives just as working together and protecting each other help them succeed in this activity.

Possible Problems

If you are using a hard ball or one with some kind of zipper, it may hurt if thrown hard enough. Make sure the playing area is free of random objects that may cause injury

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