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Book Title Author Rating Survey
Velvet Elvis Rob Bell noscript=true}} If traditional American Christianity frustrates you, or leaves you cold, then this is a book for you. It is always more of a story than a lecture, and a story about God that draws you in.
Adventures in Missing the Point Tony Campolo and Rob Bell noscript=true}} A collection of writings from these two authors that take on some of the toughest subjects in popular Christianity right now. One author will write their side of the issue and at the end of the essay the other will comment on the topic giving their feedback, counter point and anything they believe the other should have put in. Unfortunately, neither of these two tell their full opinions on any of the subjects and therefore it acts as more of an introduction to the issues as opposed to a full scale debate.
Soul Talk: the Language God Longs for us to Speak Larry Crab noscript=true}} This book is about being aware that the first thing for all of us is to know God, even more than being fixed by God. It is shows describes how to draw conversation toward knowing God. It's one of those books that can be read more than once to let it all soak in. It has made me more aware of God's presence while in conversation with others and his desire for us to know him more
Celebration of Discipline Richard J. Foster noscript=true}} This book helped me to understand the values of disciplines that we need in life to be effective.
Disciplines of a Godly Man R Kent Hughes noscript=true}} I read this with a local accountability partner and it was great in challenging me to develop disciplines in every aspect of my life including my ministry. It covers many areas so some will be more or less relevant than others for your life.
The Cross Centered Life C.J. Mahaney noscript=true}} A short book on living the Christian life free from legalism and condimnation.
Invitation to a Journey M. Robert Mulholland Jr. noscript=true}} A fantastic book looking at spiritual formation of the individual. It covers almost all aspects of spiritual growth in a very meaningful way.
The Christian's Secret to a Happy Life Hannah Whitall Smith noscript=true}} This book really helped me to grasp what holiness was when I was a young man.
The Enemy Within Kris Lundgaard noscript=true}} This book deals with the anatomy of sin and how it works. How to nip sin in the bud through the power of the cross.
Victory Through Surrender E. Stanly Jones noscript=false}} When I was younger I had a huge ego and ambition. I was driven more than called, so this message was meant for me and I had to lay it all down.