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Book Title Author Rating Survey
The Master Plan of Evangelism Robert Coleman noscript=true}} This is about reproducing Christ and not programs.
Missional Church Daryl Guder noscript=true}} This book revolutionized my thinking in the last five years.
a.k.a. Lost Jim Henderson noscript=true}} It gives a fresh view of what it means to evangelize to most Americans today. It's about being a living example. To reach out in love to those who don't have an intimate relationship with Christ. It's about walking the walk, not just talking the talk. It's an easy read with practical application for each chapter. Good use with a group.
The Celtic Way of Evangelism George Hunter noscript=true}} This book studies history and how evangelism took off in the Celtic world.
Liturgical Evangelism Robert Webber noscript=false}} This is a very relevant book to postmodernism, because the early Church was very much like now in America.