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Book Title Author Rating Survey
The Healing Path Dan Allender noscript=true}} How to deal with traumatic stuff, and navigating through trouble. It is usable by both victim and helper.
Christian Counseling Gary R. Collins noscript=true}} This is one of the classics of pastoral counseling. It covers just about everything you can possibly think of, and presents it from a very knowledgable and professional perspective. Some of it is beyond what pastors should do, however.
Mistreated Ron Lee Davis noscript=true}} A very good book for those from all sorts of disfunctional, from rape to alchohalism, abuse, you name it, this is a good book to help. It is also a good book for helpers to read as it leads you down the path you will be taking others down.
Crisis Counseling H. Norman Wright noscript=false}} Most of pastoral counseling is crisis counseling, divorce, death, etc. This is a book by one of the best Christian counselors out there dealing with what we need the most.