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Book Title Author Rating Survey
Resident Aliens Stanly Hauerwas and William Willimon noscript=true}} I hated this book when I read it, but few others have influenced me as much. This book is all about how we are here to serve God regardless of culture or laws. A fascinating and thought provoking look at the relationship between the Church and the State from a pastor's point of view.
The Next Christendom Philip Jenkins noscript=true}} This book is wonderful because it looks at Christianity from a worldwide view. It offers hope for the future, but asks us to recognize that America is not the center of the faith anymore. A powerful book.
Pagan Christianity Frank Viola and George Barna noscript=true}} This book is about trying to cut through some of the "normal, regular, stuff" that can muddy our lives and churches.
Life Together Dietrich Bonhoeffer noscript=true}} Bonhoeffer is one of the great modern saints and thinkers. This book is about what the Church truly should be, written as he was attempting to live out these things in an underground German seminary around the time of WW2.
12 Keys to an Effective Church Kennon Callahan noscript=true}} What book of his you read is less important than reading him, because of Callahan's analytical skills and skills of perception.
A New Beginning for Pastors and Congregations Kennon L. Callahan noscript=true}} This book is fantastic for the first three months of a pastor's experience at a new church. It covers what to do and not to do, how to connect with and learn about your people, organizing priorities, changing things, and more.
Simple Church Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger noscript=false}} This book is critically where our church is now. Helps me a lot. It's about returning to basic and simple faith in our churches today.