Answer Your Prayer

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Answer Your Prayer
Text: Ruth 2:11-12
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Prayer
Author: Brian M


With God's guidance we are not only to say prayers, but answer them for others.

How to Get There

  • This message also relies on Ruth 3:9. The two verses fit together.
  • Boaz had heard of Ruth and prayed for her to find security under God's wing, protection and security.
  • Boaz also helped Ruth to achieve safety by allowing her to glean.
  • But this was temporary, and with the harvest over, she would have nothing and possibly starve.
  • Without any other option, Ruth went to Boaz and asked him to spread his “wing” over her, what he had prayed for her to find with God.
  • She was reminding Boaz of his prayer and asking him to bring it about.
  • God hadn't come through without people helping, would he be the instrument for God to answer his own prayer?
  • Boaz agreed and God saved Ruth and Naomi through his actions.
  • God often works through us. Pray for others, but see if God is leading you to answer it as well.

Things to Watch For

This is a very tricky passage. There are a lot of sexual implications in Naomi's command especially. Ruth is not ambiguous in any way, but Naomi definitely is. Be careful about your audience and that you do not allow people to think Ruth acted improperly. But at the same time, there was a very real danger here, an uncertainty about what would happen.

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This Message is part 2 of Saving Ruth message series.