A Gift Just for You

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A Gift Just for You
Author: Glenn Small
Type: Puppets
Audience: Children
Occasion: Children's Church, Advent
Topic: Magi
Bible Text: Matthew 2:1-12

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Brief Summary

This sets up telling the story of the magi coming to baby Jesus, and that gifts are for good and for free.


This is part of the Jordon River Puppet series. See that page for more information on characters and background to this series.

In this script: Erma, Fast Eddy, Jason (any leader).

Props Needed

A postcard, window to lean out of.


(the characters are at the post office/train yard)

Erma: Hi Jason, Merry Christmas.

Jason: Good morning Erma, how was your Christmas?

Erma: it was just wonderful, thank you. Did you get the Christmas basket I sent to you?

Jason: Yes I did, thank you very much! I loved those chocolate things, what were they?

Erma: The big ones or the little ones?

Jason: I especially liked the big ones, they were chocolate on the outside and crunchy on the inside. What were they?

Erma: Oh yeah, those are my favorites too. I thought you'd like them.

Jason: What were they? I've never tasted anything like that before.

Erma: Those were roasted grasshoppers, dipped in chocolate. I'm glad you liked them. I'll be sure to send those to you every year.

Jason: (react with faces, gagging, etc) Uh… thanks… I can't wait…

Erma: Hey Jason, I wanted to ask you, do we know anyone in town whose initials are S.E.?

Jason: let me think, there's Sammy Evans who works over at the hardware store and there is Shirley Eisenhower, who lives down by the park

Erma: Isn't Eisenhower spelled with an “I”?

Jason: No, I'm pretty sure it's an S.E., but why do you ask?

Erma: Well, I got this post card and I can't figure out who it's from.

(Jason takes postcard from Erma and reads it)

Jason: Let me see that… Dear friend at Jordon River. I will be coming in from the East on Sunday. I have a free gift just for you. I will see you soon. Your friend, S.E.

Erma: I can't figure out who S.E. is but I'm kind of excited about the gift, I wonder what it is?

Jason: A visitor from the East, bringing a gift? That sounds kind of familiar.

Erma: What do you mean?

Jason: Well, never mind. We're going to sing some more songs here… Let me know who S.E. is and what gift he or she brings you.

(Group Sings some more songs, after they are done Slick Eddy appears at the bus station window)

Eddy: Well now, well now… who's working in this one horse town?

Erma: (Appears at the window) Good morning. Can I help you?

Eddy: Slick Eddy's the name – Buying and selling is my game. And I've got a deal just for you!

Erma: Mr. Eddy, this isn't really a good time.

Eddy: Oh you don't have to call me Mr. Eddy, just plain old Eddy will do. Now let's see what we can do for you today…

Erma: As I was saying, this isn't a really good time. I'm expecting a visitor.

Eddy: Oh?

Erma: From the East…

Eddy: Yeah…

Erma: And a gift.

Eddy: Uh-huh

Erma: So this isn't a good time…

Eddy: A visitor from the East, bringing you a gift… That's mean and you must have gotten my post card.

Erma: Oh, you mean you're S.E.

Eddy: That's right, S.E. Slick Eddy, and I've got a free gift just for you, no obligation, no strings attached.

Erma: I'm not sure I like the sound of this.

Eddy: I'm prepared to make you a special sometime offer. You're not going to find this kind of a deal anywhere else. Just for you – a blue spruce Christmas tree, recently cut – for just five dollars.

Erma: but I…

Eddy: No wait, there's more. Because I have reserved for you a free gift. A plastic snowman yard decoration. Even if you decide not to buy the tree, keep the snowman as my gift to you.

Erma: But I…

Eddy: Don't answer yet. Because you are a valued member of the community I will reduce the price to only three dollars. That's right, three dollars for the blue spruce Christmas tree and the plastic snowman yard decoration. So, what do you say?

Erma: But Christmas is over, why would I want to buy a tree when Christmas is over?

Eddy: Because you can't pass up a deal like this! Three dollars for a blue spruce Christmas tree… It's unheard of.

Erma: But it's past Christmas.

Eddy: But it's just three dollars.

Erma: I don't think so.

Eddy: Well just to show you that Slick Eddy always keeps his word, I'll let you keep the plastic snowman.

Erma: Gee, thanks I guess – It's not quite what I expected.

Eddy: No? What were you expecting?

Erma: Well, the card said you were coming from the East with a gift… I thought it would be… I don't know… something different… something not PLASTIC.

Eddy: I see. Tell you what – I do carry a line of jewelry, incense and perfumes. I can't give it to you for free, but I'll make you a good deal on some gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Erma: (Starts to leave) No thanks.

Eddy: (Following Erma) After Christmas sale, 20% off.

Erma: (Off Stage) Not interested.

Eddy: (Off stage) I'll throw in a second plastic snowma

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